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Take a peek inside Motorola's Moto X US assembly facility

You might be thinking that in comparison with the initial hype that surrounded the Moto X, the post-release reality paints quite a different picture – it feels like the buzz around Motorola's return into the smartphone market has largely flat-lined. Even if so, it doesn't seem like the US manufacturer has that much to worry about, as far as the Moto X is concerned: it's shipping over 100,000 units a week.

But shipments volume is only part of the story that Motorola is proud to tell and retell to anybody who is willing to listen – the Moto X is currently the only branded smartphone to be assembled in the States. Based in Texas' Fort Worth, Motorola's manufacturing facility has created more than 2,000 jobs, and CEO Dennis Woodside says the company will continue to hire. Speaking of Fort Worth and Motorola's pride in it, it sure pays the company to have Google as a partner, for the very same facility has been mapped out and is now available through Google's Street View module – you can literally step onto the manufacturing floor where the Moto X is being assembled. Whether this particular use of the tech behind StreetView tops Google's other, perhaps more eccentric adventures is your call, but we definitely like seeing Mountain View getting creative with it.

So make sure you head right for the source in order to get a peek.

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