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Samsung Exynos 5410 could get software update to become true octa-core chip

We already know that the Samsung Exynos 5410 chip is not a true octa-core chip. With the big.LITTLE technology, two sets of 4 cores are utilized with one set active at a time. Just the other day, we told you howSamsung had used Heterogeneous Multi-Processing Capability (HMP) to turn its Exynos 5 line into true octa-core processors able to use all eight cores at a single time.

The interesting news this morning is that HMP can be added to the Samsung Exynos 5410, already used in the GT-i9500 version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, via a software update. That is potentially electrifying news for those with the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 as well as for those with the international model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Meizu MX3 using the Samsung Exynos 5420.. 

Meizu has already announced that the Meizu MX3 will be getting an HMP update later this year to convert the Exynos silicon in that flagship model into a true octa-core. And yes, Samsung could do the same to its devices sporting an Exynos 5. The bottom line could be a more powerful and efficient device that can transform the inner workings of your handset thanks to a mere software update.

source: Meizu (translated), gizChina via UnwiredView

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