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Customers already lining up for iPhone 5S, obviously have no jobs, sense of time

If you follow the news at all - and we're not even talking about the tech media specifically, because mainstream media jumps on Apple news in an alarmingly lopsided way - if you follow the news at all, you will have heard by now that Apple is going to hold an event this coming Tuesday September 10th, and that event is more than likely going to be to announce the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. There is a fair chance that you will have also heard that the devices will probably be released for sale around September 20th or so. 

Customers already lining up for iPhone 5S, obviously have no jobs, sense of time
If you are someone who would be willing to line up to purchase one of the very first iPhones released, we would also assume that you would be someone who paid attention to the news, and you are likely someone who would follow tech media for more granular info on the product that you obviously love. So, how on Earth are there people already lining up at the 5th Ave Apple Store in order to purchase a new iPhone 5S?

It would make sense if there were even a slight chance that Apple was planning to launch the devices right after the announcement on Tuesday (something Apple has never done with the iPhone), because that would only have you camping out for four nights, and (assuming you had a job) you would only miss two and a half days at most. But, as noted, Apple never releases devices right away, which would mean these people are either going to be gone by Tuesday evening, or they are going to be camping out for two weeks. Two weeks to camp out for a device that is more than likely not going to sell out, unless Apple is purposefully making a limited supply of the champagne color, but that's not something we've heard. 

Oh yeah, the news is that people have already started lining up for at the 5th Ave Apple Store. Maybe that's burying the lead a bit. 

source: MacRumors

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